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Tick   We offer a full Private Company Valuation Service, delivered quickly and efficiently to the highest professional standards.
Tick   We specialise in valuing unquoted equity stakes.
Tick   We pride ourselves in understanding how to value and explain our methodology in even the most complex cases, not only providing supporting evidence for HMRC, but also giving clients a better understanding of our findings.
Tick   We understand how to help our clients in respect of the specific use case for which our service is required.
Tick   Our focus is on discretion and confidentiality. We are fully GDPR compliant.
Tick   Whilst we apply the highly technical valuation methodologies required to satisfy HMRC (and other tax authorities as required), our reports are designed to be easy-to-understand for our clients so that they feel confident in using the report.
Tick   Our experience suggests that around 80% of investments by number are straightforward to value and can be run through our Valuation Tool and analysis process rapidly.
Tick   For the 20% that are likely to be more complicated, such as overseas companies or companies with a waterfall distribution, we can work with you to agree the best approach to reach a suitable valuation at a cost that is appropriate to the value of the investment.

Areas Our Valuation Services Cover

Corporate | Private Valuations

Corporate & Commercial Law

We specialise in valuing equity stakes in unquoted investments for corporate and commercial law situations, including valuations for post-acquisition and shareholder disputes.


Family | Private Valuations

Family Law

Valuing private companies, shares and other assets can often be particularly complicated in family and private client situations.  Our highly technical valuation methodologies produce reports that are impartial and even-handed in order to minimise discord and reach a mutually acceptable outcome.


Employment | Private Valuations

Employment Law

We strive to provide our clients with a clear and thorough valuation report that can be used in all situations relating to employment law. 


Probate & Estate Planning | Private Valuations

Probate & Estate Planning

We understand probate valuations issues relating to wholly owned private companies and majority/minority stakes.


Special Situation Valuations

Special Situations

We regularly work on valuations which are Special Situations such as assets held in unusual legal structures or even just unusual assets including rare tangible assets and intangible assets such as management teams and brand values.


Why Choose Athla® Valuations?

Sector knowledge

Our team at Athla® is highly experienced when it comes to valuing private companies. This allows us to takes a pragmatic and nuanced approach to completing valuations.


Part of what makes an Athla® Valuation so special is the quality of our reporting. We provide a clear and comprehensive report, outlining how we arrived at the final valuation figures. We find that this both supports lawyers arguments, but provides a helpful understanding for clients. Offering complete transparency.


Our valuations service is supported by our in house valuation tool. Our technology backed approach allows us not only to provide a valuation figure, but allows us time (even within tight deadlines) to produce a thorough report.


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