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Dealing with clients who need private company valuations can be a thankless task. They can be time-consuming, cause backlogs in your case load and are required to pass HMRC’s increasingly challenging standards.

To help you overcome these hurdles, we offer a full Private Company Valuation Service, delivered quickly and efficiently to the highest professional standards for all Corporate and Employment Law situations. We also provide valuations for family & private client situations and estate planning & probate, as well as a range of other complex special situations on a case-by-case basis.

Your clients can enjoy superior outcomes thanks to our unique valuation tool, both speeding up the process but also offering a more accurate end result.

Whilst we apply the highly technical valuation methodologies required to satisfy HMRC, our reports are designed to be easy-to-understand for your clients so that they feel confident in using the report.
We love ‘difficult’ cases and tight deadlines!

If you are ever faced with a client who needs an ‘emergency valuation’ with a tight deadline, talk to us - we relish the challenge!

Once we have gathered all the required information, our valuation tool can generate a valuation within minutes, using 19 different methodologies that complement one another.

And thanks to our dedicated team along with our flexible and streamlined work process, we can turn around even complex valuations within days - without sacrificing accuracy.

Indeed, one of our recent valuations was completed in less than 48hrs and saved the client tens of thousands in tax liability.

Client-friendly valuations are good for you

When it comes to valuing private companies, arriving at the final figure is only half the challenge. Turning that hard data into something that your client can understand and use to achieve their desired outcome is essential.

Our valuation process allows us to spend less chargeable time which will save your clients’ money and offer a better quality, more client-friendly and more robustly-argued report.

We also take up less of your chargeable time in working on a valuation project which benefits both you and your clients, as well as freeing you up to work on other projects for them.
About us

Our Expertise

Our team has intrinsic knowledge of the world of private companies, specialising in how they work and what to look for when working on valuations.

The Valuations Team comprises accountants, former venture capitalists and current angel investors, as well as several experienced entrepreneurs who have built and sold many privately owned companies.

On our advisory panel is one of the UK’s leading valuers. As well as having the professional skills to complete the valuations, we also have the commercial understanding of the factors relating to privately owned businesses and their shareholders and stakeholders.

Meet the team

Modwenna   Modwenna Rees-Mogg (CEO)
Modwenna leads the team with her deep understanding of the investment ecosystem gained over more than 30 years working with investors, VCs, business angels and advising both private and public companies.
David   David Livesley (Senior Valuer)
David has worked as a venture capital investment professional since 1999 leading more than 40 primary transactions and numerous follow-on investments.  With his knowledge of the often-complex nature of valuing both large and small corporates, David supports our analyst team across all aspects of the valuations process.
Arthur   Arthur Jones (Fee Partner)
 A highly experienced executive and client relationship manager, he has the maturity and independence of thought to perform this role and ensure that no conflicts of interest arise.
Philip   Philip Hare (Tax Advice Specialist)
Philip was formerly at PwC and now leads the team at Philip Hare & Associates, the leading adviser on EIS and VCTs in the UK. He provides specialist advice on EIS and wider State Aid issues.
Sofia   Sahnan Syed (Analyst)
Sahnan plays a pivotal role in our analyst team. With a strong focus on both valuation methodologies and financial analysis, Sahnan brings a unique perspective to the team in the preparation of our reports. He is also involved in the development of innovative tools aimed at improving the services we offer to our clients. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from The London School of Economics.
Martin   Martin Redmond (Analyst)
Martin helps to prepare valuation reports, focusing on comparable company, industry, and macroeconomic analysis. He also supports our business development activities as we continually seek to improve and add to the services we offer our clients. He holds a Master’s degree in Politics from the University of Manchester.
Jack   Jack Buchanan-Rolleston (Analyst)     
Jack works as part of the analyst team preparing valuation reports, with a particular focus on the financial valuation methodologies. Jack also focuses on the research and development of new tools for our service and recently graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science and Mathematics from The University of Manchester.  
Nick   Nick Morris (Software Developer)     
Nick is the company's in-house software developer, specialising in designing and building company software on Microsoft Power Apps, as well as developing and reviewing strategic solutions relating to projects in the company's pipeline. He holds a BSc Economics from the University of Southampton.
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