Probate & Estate Planning

We strive to provide our clients with a clear and thorough valuation report that can be used in all probate and estate situations.

We have significant understanding of the issues around valuations used for probate and estate planning.

We offer professional valuations, with detailed reports and full supporting documentation for any valuations we complete.

We understand why valuations and supporting arguments are needed now and also later. For example, in cases where a review of the valuation process may be challenged not only contemporaneously but also long afterwards.

We seamlessly bridge the gap between the highly technical methodologies and the efficient, easy-to-understand report that our clients and their advisers can readily accept.

We specialise in valuing equity in unquoted investments for probate and estate planning. In particular, we understand how to value and explain our methodology where there is a complex capitalisation table with a waterfall distrbution which can significantly impact on the value.

Whilst we apply the highly technical valuation methodologies required to satisfy HMRC (and other tax authorities as required), our reports are designed to be easy-to-understand for executors and their advisers so that they feel confident in using the report.

What we offer...


Tick   We have significant understanding of the issues around probate valuations relating to the valuation of both wholly owned private companies and majority/minority stakes.
Tick   Our team has deep knowldge of the ramifications of the EIS and Business Relief rules.
Tick   We aim to address valuations in the context of arrangements in shareholder agreements.
Tick   We have experience with the distribution of assets with highly volatile valuations journeys over the medium and long term.

Estate Planning

Tick   Our team has a deep understanding of the additional complications surrounding estate planning.
Tick   We work with high net worth investors who are continuing to invest into their later years and who are investing on behalf of family members as well as directly.
Tick   We understand tax implications both now and later.

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