Family Law

Valuing private companies, shares and other assets can be particularly complicated in family and private client situations.

Often clients have wide-ranging and geographically diverse interests or complicated business arrangements, for example where family members are also employees or beneficiaries of company assets. To help you overcome these hurdles, we offer a full Private Company and Assets Valuation Service, delivered quickly and efficiently to the highest professional standards for all Family and Private Client situations. As well as company and share valuations, our service also extends to valuations of royalty streams and other assets such as Intellectual Property (including artistic and literary assets) and real estate. 

We ensure your clients receive superior outcomes thanks to our unique valuation tool, both speeding up the process and also offering a more accurate end result, covering both domestic and overseas assets. 

Whilst we apply the highly technical valuation methodologies required to satisfy HMRC (and other tax authorities if required) and the courts, our reports are designed to be easy-to-understand for your clients and any other parties involved.  Our reports are impartial and even-handed in order to minimise discord and reach a mutually acceptable outcome. 

We can also act as Single Joint Expert, under instruction from the courts, and elsewhere can provide a level of mediation in order to reduce conflict in contentious scenarios by providing valuations which have the objective of being acceptable to both sides such that settlement can be achieved rapidly.

Valuations for all Family and Private Client scenarios: 

  • Transfer of assets between family members 
  • Pre-nuptial agreements 
  • Post-nuptial agreements 
  • Financial settlements in divorce and separation situations 

Where physical assets such as property represent a significant percentage of the equity value, we engage with professional property valuers to capture that value correctly. 

Additionally, we can provide an analysis of Intellectual Property Rights assets. We work with Clarivate, which has a worldwide data lake of intellectual property to assess properly the value of IP owned or being created by a company in the context of global competition. In some instances we are able to discover assets people have forgotten to declare. 

What we offer...

Tick   Whilst we apply the highly technical valuation methodologies required to satisfy HMRC, our reports are designed to be easy to understand for our clients so that they feel confident in using the report during proceedings.
Tick   We always offer the flexibility to respond to changing client needs during the valuation process, whilst retaining our independence, the integrity of calculations and the clarity of our arguments.
Tick   In addition to valuations, we can consult on other aspects, including how to structure share issuances and performing light investigations to uncover investments that a party may have forgotten to declare.
Tick   Our process allows us to offer a better quality, more client-friendly report which is particularly important in the sensitive context which surrounds Family and Private Client cases.

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