Special Situations

Assets that need to be valued for HMRC or in contested situations are not always held in an obvious structure that can be readily understood for valuation purposes. This is an area we understand well.

We are called upon to value special situations where a client owns an unusual asset or an asset held in an unusual legal structure.  We believe that all assets (and liabilities) can be valued such that the valuation exercise satisfies HMRC (and other tax authorities if required) or the courts.   

Some of the scenarios we have come across have been highly unusual legal structures (frequently for assets based overseas) and also situations where personal and corporate assets have become entwined e.g. sole traders mixing their business affairs with their personal affairs.  

We specialise in untangling these situations, laying out the situation in plain English for the first time, (which is typically much appreciated by the client and its legal adviser), preceding the valuation exercise which is also prepared to provide full clarity and understanding to all readers of the report. 

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