Our Simple Process

We aim make things as stress-free as possible for you and your clients, through our 3-step process.

The high level of understanding and expertise in our team allows us to make the process not only simple for you and your client but also fast.

For most cases, we are able to complete valuations within a few days after we receive all requested data.  In really urgent cases, we can produce an Athla® Valuation Report within 48 hours and it is not unusual to complete reports within 5 days.

A simple client-friendly 3-step valuation process

3-step valuation process

1. Scope Meeting

We have an initial scoping call with you in order to form an initial assessment and outline a scheme of work.

Requests for more granular reports or ‘lite’ assessments as required.

3-step valuation process

2. Data Request

Analysis of data provided and the company’s situation.

We understand every size of private company and fully comprehend complex cap tables and waterfalls.

3-step valuation process

3. Valuation Report

We offer flexibility to respond to changing client needs during the valuation process whilst retaining integrity of calculations.

In addition to valuations, we can consult on other aspects, including how to structure share issuances.

The Valuation Report

Our clients will receive valuations backed by a detailed report which breaks down how we have arrived at the final figures. The valuation report includes extensive supporting evidence, designed to enhance any agreement.

Our objective is to ensure that our valuations are not challenged. We make a commitment to our clients to resolve any issues that may arise, until a settlement has been reached.

Typical supporting evidence we provide includes:

  • Precedent transaction data
  • Companies House filings, management accounts and forecasts
  • Other data required to support our arguments e.g. industry statistics

It may also include:

  • Analysis of physical assets. We engage with professional property valuers to correctly capture the value of property owned by the company where these represent a significant proportion of the equity value
  • Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights assets. We work with Clarivate,  which has a worldwide data lake of IP to contextualise the value of the IP owned or being created, and qualified patent attorneys.
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